Customer service

We’ve been delivering customer service training for nearly twenty years now. In fact, we do so much in this area that we have a separate website for it, here. You can see all our ‘GREAT’ programmes there:

GREAT customer service

The core ‘flagship’ programme can be delivered ‘virtual’ or ‘classroom’. It gets great feedback. It’s firmly rooted in emotional intelligence, focused on helping your people build the emotional connections that we all know customers want, making them feel listened to, reassured and valued.

There’s also a series of half-day (classroom) or 90-minute (virtual) ‘modules’, available either as a follow-up to the core programme or on a standalone basis.

Coaching for GREAT customer service

A unique one-day programme for your managers and team leaders to help them develop their teams’ delivery of GREAT customer service. Complemented by the ‘GREAT Coaching Toolkit’, giving coaching questions and activities aligned to each GREAT Customer Service skill, for use ‘in the moment’, in a team meeting, or in a one-to-one.

Specialist programmes

The following programmes can be delivered ‘off-the-shelf’ or you can take the outline simply as a starting point for a conversation with the specialist trainer and they can develop a more tailored version for you.

  • Call coaching skills in the customer service environment – Perfecting the call-handling skills within a team requires a style of coaching which brings out the best responses and reactions.
  • Call control with confidence – How calls can be controlled and dealt with swiftly, efficiently and to total customer satisfaction.
  • Challenging client conversations – Sometimes, if you’re working on a project for a client, you need to deliver bad news. If it’s a high value project, this can be quite a challenge. You need to be prepared.
  • Communicating with the bereaved – ‘sadmin’ is bad enough for people to deal with as it is. We need to stop making it worse. Here’s how.
  • Customer engagement – Step back for a moment. Does your typical customer’s buying journey with you make for a  compelling brand experience? Do they feel connected with you? Or that you are connected with them? If not, perhaps you’ve got some work to do.
  • Customer service team identity day – All teams – and customer service teams are no exception – need to step back periodically and think about direction, where they have been and where they are going.
  • Dramatic customer service – offers your staff the opportunity to discover the theory behind excellent customer service and then put the learning into practice with professional actors providing accurate realistic examples of challenging customer situations.
  • Emotional intelligence for customer service – Having the dexterity to accommodate the different expectations, preferences, styles, needs and behaviours of the full range of customer types requires emotional intelligence.
  • Helping people buy – It’s increasingly difficult to separate customer service from selling. Not that you’d want to. But some customer service staff find it difficult to cross what they see as the line. This highly participative one-day workshop helps them by re-positioning the challenge.
  • Reception perfection! – The often-used phrase, ‘just the receptionist’, completely misrepresents the role. An excellent receptionist is a most valuable resource for any organisation. This popular programme covers all the essential skills necessary to represent the organisation to the best possible effect.
  • Resilience in customer service – for staff who need to develop their ability to ‘bounce back’ and improve their coping skills.
  • Technical support – This practical one-day workshop has a simple objective: to raise IT and technical service and support standards.
  • Understanding your customers – We talk a bit about personality types in the ‘GREAT customer service’ programme but if you want a deeper dive, then this one-day programme is ideal.

Still can’t find what you’re after? Prefer something ‘slightly tweaked’ or completely bespoke? Then please just give us a call, at The Customer Service Training Company, on 01582 463464, to discuss your customer service training requirements. We’re here to help!