Leadership, management and personal effectiveness

The Maximum Performance ‘modules’

Our colleagues at Maximum Performance have taken their most popular programmes to create a range of ‘modules’, delivered completely ‘off-the-shelf’, in a variety of formats – full-day, half-day, bite-sized or webinar – with high quality printed materials supported by a world-class learning reinforcement platform.

All the programmes are tried-and-tested, for delivery by our shared team of 30 facilitators across the UK and another 100 or so worldwide.

Click on a topic for full details (on the Maximum Performance site).

Leadership and management skills

In addition to the many, many programmes designed and delivered by our colleagues at Maximum Performance, we offer a range of tried-and-tested programmes here, all available for virtual or face-to-face delivery. Spoilt for choice? Give us a call now on 01582 463463 to talk it through.

The mini-management development programme

Still can’t find what you’re after? Then please just give us a call on 01582 463463, with no obligation at all, to discuss your coaching and mentoring requirements. We’re here to help!