Coaching and mentoring

We’ve been using coaching to support our management development programmes for more than twenty years now. We’ve been running training programmes on coaching skills for line managers for more than fifteen years. And throughout that time we’ve also been delivering coaching on a one-to-one basis to people at all levels within a range of client organisations, both in the UK and internationally.

So we know a thing or two about coaching.

This side of the business is mainly delivered through our sister brand, Maximum Coaching, so the links below will take you through to their website. If you’re not sure where to start, just give us a call, at Maximum Coaching (01582 463461), to talk it through. We’re here to help!

Short courses on coaching and mentoring

We have a range of tried-and-tested coaching skills training programmes, ranging from an hour virtually to three days classroom. Spoilt for choice? Give us a call, at Maximum Coaching (01582 463461), and we can talk it through.

Virtual sessions

Looking for a virtual option? Most of our coach training programmes can also be delivered virtually (Zoom, Teams, whatever).

Mentor Coaching and supervision

You may be looking for Mentor Coaching to support a coaching qualification, or you may be an experienced coach looking for a mentor coach or supervisor. Either way, we can help.

One-to-one coaching

There are many different types of coaching – executive coaching, transition coaching, development coaching, specialist coaching (eg, presentation skills coaching or sales coaching), etc.

If you haven’t worked with a coach before, you need to be clear about what coaching is, what it isn’t, and what you’re hoping to get from it. It should be a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires and helps you to maximise your personal and professional potential.

Give us a call, at Maximum Coaching (01582 463461), to talk through which approach is best for you. Or check out the website for advice on how to choose a coach.

Global delivery

We have a global network of coaches and facilitators, so we can deliver globally, in English or in local languages, classroom or virtual. Our ‘Coaching moments’ and ‘Deep dives’, for example, have already been delivered very successfully in Dutch, French, German and Spanish as well as English. If you’ve got a requirement for training or one-to-one coaching outside the UK, just give us a call, at Maximum Coaching (01582 463461), to talk it through.

Still can’t find what you’re after? Then please just give us a call on 01582 463463, with no obligation at all, to discuss your coaching and mentoring requirements. We’re here to help!