Financial training

All too often, people reach a management position with no formal training in finance. And when they do get any financial training, as often as not it is a generic programme, rather than one based on their organisation’s own financial management processes and procedures. Why leave your managers to bluff their way with accountants talking a different language? We have some outstanding finance trainers who can make the subject relevant by tailoring their programmes to your organisation’s processes and issues – and who can also make it fast, furious and fun, taking the fear out of finance!


Looking for a virtual option? Most of our programmes can also be delivered in webinar formats. To discuss what this might look like for your organisation, give us a call on 01582 463463 to talk through your requirements. (See also the extensive range of ‘off-the-shelf’ webinars offered by our sister company, Maximum Performance, here.)

Financial management training courses and workshops

Other financial training courses

Finance is a challenging subject for many people, so to help them absorb the concepts more easily and see the relevance of financial management to their daily work we have put together a portfolio of programmes addressing the particular needs of different functions or sectors:

  • Finance for charities
  • Finance for directors (a one-day refresher)
  • Finance for FM
  • Finance for housing associations
  • Finance for HR
  • Finance for insurance professionals
  • Finance for lawyers
  • Finance for NHS managers
  • Finance for PAs, secretaries and support staff
  • Finance for project managers
  • Finance for public sector managers
  • Finance for purchasing and procurement
  • Finance for retail managers
  • Finance for sales and marketing
  • The senior managers’ guide to GAAP, IFRS and other accounting standards issues

Credit control and debt collection can also be a minefield, particularly for public sector bodies. It’s vital that staff are properly trained – and we have the trainer and the courses for the job:

  • Advanced collection skills for supervisory staff
  • County Court suing and enforcement
  • Credit checking
  • Data protection issues, debt counselling and financial hardship
  • Debt recovery by councils, authorities or government, eg:
    • Education sector
    • Health sector
    • Housing sector (current and former tenant arrears)
  • Face-to-face debt recovery skills
  • Late payment penalties and sanctions
  • Letter writing for collections
  • Liaison with sales regarding debtors
  • Negotiation skills for debt collection
  • Setting up an in-house collection ID
  • Telephone collection skills
  • Tracing elusive, absentee and ‘gone away’ debtors
  • ‘Train the trainer’ for credit control / debt collection
  • Understanding insolvency

Full details of any of these programmes are available on request.

Still can’t find what you’re after? Then please just give us a call on 01582 463463, with no obligation at all, to discuss your commercial, contract law or procurement training requirements. We’re here to help!