Building a better customer experience

A one- or two-day workshop

A tailored, facilitated experiential event to suit your specific organisational needs. An insightful, enjoyable and creative workshop to help you identify ways to build a better customer experience for a sustained competitive edge. This will enable you to consider ways to increase conversion rates, and to retain and grow your customer base through motivated staff who have contributed to your service proposition and actually deliver it.

Learning objectives

  • Identify key elements of great customer service
  • Share good and bad customer experiences
  • Define customer-centricity in your own organisational context
  • A detailed appraisal of your current customers’ journey(s)
  • Adopt your customer’s perspective to identify service blind spots
  • Generate ideas to delight your customers at every point of their journey

Who should attend?

The approach is highly flexible. This event is ideal for an audience from a mix of levels within your organisation with a common desire to deliver top class customer service. Alternatively, a cascade approach via senior leaders through to the front line can be highly effective. We will work with you to identify the best strategy that is relevant for your organisation to capture and implement new ideas and initiatives.


An interactive and practical one- or two-day event with lots of opportunities to get involved with experiential activities to bring models and theory to life and to reflect upon your learning.

Expert trainer

David has 20 years of experience in Learning and Development and has helped organisations across the globe. High quality facilitation to board level ensures accelerated development that delivers high performance levels with tangible results. He has worked with leaders and managers at various stages in their development with a focus on personal growth to improve business performance.

This mix of strategic knowledge and practical experience of leading major learning projects enables him to help others through similar challenges.

He has delivered excellent leadership and behavioural development solutions for clients such as Siemens, Tamer Group (Saudi Arabia), Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, Car Phone Warehouse, Argos, Best Buy, Glaxo Smith Kline (Belgium), Cisco (USA), Barclays, Standard Chartered Bank (HK), Deutsche Bank, Honda, Coutts Private Bank (Switzerland), American Express, Ulster Bank, Indesit, Hotpoint, the DWP, Network Rail, National Grid, RBS, Nat West, Nationwide, Tenet Group, and Laing O’Rourke.

An accomplished and experienced coach, David facilitates learning processes that are challenging, supportive and deliver exceptional results. He also calls regularly upon his experience as a former Corporate Relationship Manager for Barclays Bank to deliver training on relationship selling and networking skills training for a range of financial services clients, both in the UK and internationally.

A sample of comments from course participants on David’s events:

‘A really inspiring event – a lot more looking at myself and the impact that I have in a change area.’

‘The common element within these was the practical application and examples that were used to demonstrate the theory. All sessions were particularly participative.’

‘A fantastic learning opportunity and time to reflect on how the learning will impact your role and others.’

‘A mind-stretching week. Incredible to get the different perspectives from everyone there and has made me think about what does matter and what is important.’

‘Challenging in different ways and provoked a lot of thought during each session. I was completely captivated.’

We will work with you to identify the best tailored approach to facilitate learning and generate ideas through creative thinking. A typical outline of the event is shown below. Each session can be focused upon your own needs and priorities.

1 Why are we here?

  • The drivers for change
  • Our current service proposition and performance
  • Our vision for the future
  • What’s in it for you?

2 What do we know about customer service?

  • Introductory tailored quiz
  • The impact of good, average and poor service
  • Defining ‘world class’ service

3 Good and bad service experiences

  • We’re all customer service experts… aren’t we?
  • How we each measure service
  • Relating this to the organisation

4 What’s it like to be a customer?

  • Mapping the customer’s journey
  • Tailored scenario-based mapping exercises
  • What is the customer’s perspective?
  • Identifying all the moments that matter
  • What is the customer thinking and feeling?

5 Service blind spots

  • Identifying the ways we don’t live up to customer expectations
  • Becoming customer-focused

6 Delightful moments

  • Customer focused behaviours
  • Opportunities to deliver more delightful moments
  • Ideas generation
  • Ways to compare performance and results

7 Evaluating our ideas

  • Inputs v impact grid
  • How to select the best ideas and initiatives

8 Developing our customer service charter

  • Identifying our own service values
  • What does this mean for our team?
  • How can we bring this to life?

9 What’s next?

  • Capturing ideas and initiatives
  • Escalating and accelerating our ideas
  • What happens next?
  • Senior leader’s response (optional workshop element)

Any questions? Please just give us a call on 01582 463463 – we’re here to help!