Finance for non-finance managers

A one-day workshop

This course is designed to help unpuzzle the world of financial budgeting, accounting and provide delegates with skills and knowledge to understand the impact of their decisions on a company’s finances.

We aim to help you to better understand finance terminology as well as knowing the underlying principles and the basic principles of successful budgeting.  Attending this course, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions and understand how to analyse budgets and suggest potential corrective action required.

Participants experience how their own actions contribute to their organisation’s top and bottom lines.

Learning objectives

  • Explain basic principles and terminology of finance
  • Achieve better communication and working relationship between Finance and Line Managers
  • Exploring the three financial statements
  • How to build a budget
  • Effectively monitor and control a budget
  • Exploring the different types of costs
  • Understanding the difference between a budget and forecast
  • Building your confidence with reading/analysing financial information


This is a fun day. It’s nothing to be afraid of. You will enjoy it!

Expert trainer

Author of Unpuzzling Finance, Zahoor Bargir is a personable and versatile trainer who is experienced in delivering training that is interactive, effective and fun. A qualified accountant by profession, he worked in numerous sectors before specialising as a trainer.

Drawing on his extensive industry experience, Zahoor takes a very pragmatic approach to training whereby participants are encouraged to share their own thoughts and experiences. Having worked at some of the largest companies in the world, such as PwC, DIAGEO and UNICEF, as well as start-ups and other SMEs, has made it easier for him to train staff from a variety of sectors. His clients include Transport for London, Channel Four, ABN AMRO, Capita PLC, Wincor Nixdorf, Sony, HM Prisons, Fullers Brewery, Companies House, numerous county councils, HM Treasury and the Civil Service.

Zahoor’s programmes get excellent feedback, eg:

  • ‘Who knew finance could be made so interesting… Zahoor really got our group engaged.’
  • ‘Finance always seemed a bit daunting but Zahoor made it very straight-forward and simple to understand. A really valuable workshop and use of time for any manager.’
  • ‘Out of the many trainers I have worked with in my time, Zahoor stands out as being one of the best! He has this amazing ability to convey difficult finance related topics to audiences in a way that’s very easy to grip and understand.’

1 The principles of finance

  • Exploring finance terminology
  • How the finance professional thinks when it comes to financials
  • How to get over trying to know it all and the single best way of cutting through the confusing jargon
  • Replacing the technical terms with easier language

2 The Profit & Loss Account

  • Exploring what this statement actually stands for
  • When it actually affects the P&L account and when it doesn’t
  • How we can use this information to help us make better decisions on financial performance, profitability and cost control
  • The tools that we need to make effective decisions – like margins, mark-ups, etc.

3 The balance sheet

  • The main elements of the balance sheet
  • What to look out for when looking at the balance sheet
  • Looking beyond just the numbers and how this statement can highlight if there are problems ahead
  • Exploring debtors and creditors
  • Looking at how cashflow links in with the balance sheet

4 Budgeting and forecasting

  • What is it and what are the various components of a budget
  • How to build a budget
  • Looking at the various types of costs and how they can help with constructing a quality budget
  • How a forecast differs from a budget and not mixing the two up
  • Learning how to monitor against the budget by looking at variances
  • Exploring capital and operational expenditure

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