Getting paid – telephone tactics for debt collection

A one-day workshop

How to protect your cash flow

In the current economic climate more and more companies are finding that their customers are taking longer to pay – or are not even paying at all. As cash flow is key to the survival of any business, effective debt collection tactics are vital for all businesses.

This workshop concentrates on the telephone skills and techniques you can use to achieve the most positive outcome in any debt collection situation – payment of money owed, as soon as possible, whilst keeping the collection cost as low as possible.

Learning objectives

The course will help you:

  • Understand your debtors and communicate with them accordingly
  • Develop a strategy for more effective debt collection
  • Make every call count
  • Handle difficult calls
  • Reduce the amount of time you need to spend on chasing payment
  • Increase your collection rates


This thoroughly practical one-day course uses a mixture of formal tutor inputs, practical exercises and tutor-facilitated discussion.

Special features

This course features the unique COLLECT model, which will help you to remember the key principles for effective debt collection:

Communicate often

Observe behaviour

Listen to concerns

Learn what you can

Empathise with your customer

Create win-win solutions

Time is of the essence!


See what participants have said about our ‘Getting paid’ workshops:


‘I have learnt a lot.’

‘I think Scott delivered the training brilliantly. I felt welcome and Scott was very warm and polite and communicated well.’

‘Very informative and fun.’

‘Entertaining as well as knowledgeable.’

‘The planning and the flexibility by the trainer was very good. He was unfazed and very approachable and kept everybody interested throughout. There was not a moment when a colleague looked uninterested (which can occur!). The course was very good and well presented.’

‘Good group exercises to illustrate on the areas covered.’

‘Gives an insight into how to approach customers in a better way.’

‘Scott was really personable and engaging.’

‘An enjoyable and informative course which has broadened my knowledge.’

‘The trainer was engaging and enthusiastic, paid attention to conversations and showed a high level of engagement.’

‘Great understanding of content needed, delivered content in a very engaging way.’

‘Pitched at the right level. Full of good tips and ideas.’

‘Relaxed style, allowing us to communicate and take the lead in many cases.’

‘Good knowledge and advice.’

‘Pleasant, effective delivery of material.’

‘Good style – friendly, positive, fun and knowledgeable!’

‘Engaging and informative. Enjoyed the training!’

‘Interesting and insightful very useful. Not boring or repetitive.’

‘A good day for interacting with the team, taking a step back to look at every day operations and how we can improve.’

‘Very informative and useful, easy to adapt what I have learned into my daily working role.’

‘Very informative, trainer was professional and easy to understand.’

‘‘Trainer was very friendly and helpful, always checked we were on the same wave length, was able to have a joke with us.’

‘Group activities got everyone involved.’

‘All relevant. Very enjoyable.’

‘Scott was very knowledgeable and took all of our opinions and views into consideration. I have learnt a lot and will use this in my role.’

Expert trainer

An enthusiastic developer of people, Scott Rumsey has been working as a coach and consultant since 1996. During his career Scott has worked through various roles in the finance industry, including debt collection, account management, business advising and sales development, with a range of businesses and people at all levels including managing directors and CEOs.

Since becoming an independent coach, trainer and consultant, Scott has worked with a wide range of clients in a diverse range of sectors, with excellent results:

‘Approachable, applied teachings, flexible and made it all relevant. Good background preparation.’

‘Enjoyed the course… a very good source of motivation and material to improve my skills.’

‘He’s not only a nice trainer but an excellent communicator.’

‘Linked very well to my role – could relate examples to everyday tasks.’

‘Will help me to provide a better level of customer service and solve the challenges of difficult situations.’

1 The debt collection process

  • Understanding the reasons behind payment default
  • Looking at the debt situation from the customer’s point of view
  • Developing a strategy for effective debt collection

2 Advanced telephone communication skills

  • Techniques for speaking to the person responsible for paying the debt
  • How to gain the customer’s trust when discussing debt
  • Telephone collection skills best practice
  • Key phrases that keep the conversation positive and open

3 Questioning and listening skills for gathering information

  • Different types of question
  • Using high-gain questions to uncover key information
  • Active listening that will help you understand what customers are really saying
  • Leading with examples and high-impact questions
  • Summarising and restating

4 Overcoming objections and excuses

  • Identifying objections
  • Preparing suitable responses
  • Probing objections and ways to overcome them

5 Gaining commitment and ending the call

  • Learn how to negotiate an agreement to suit both parties
  • Summarising actions for you and the customer
  • Ending the call professionally

6 Dealing with difficult and challenging situations

  • Understand different personality types
  • The correct way to respond to an upset customer
  • Ways to calm angry customers (and handle verbal attacks)

7 Action plans

  • Course summary and presentation of action plans

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