Access – intermediate

A one-day workshop

This one-day workshop will give you a better understanding of the components and operations of an Access database. It is designed to build on a user’s existing skills and includes useful action queries to allow greater manipulation of a database.

Learning objectives

This workshop will help participants:

  • Ensure the integrity of their databases
  • Manage field properties
  • Use the query functions effectively
  • Save time with the query expression builder
  • Create different types of query more quickly
  • Design better forms
  • Link expressions in forms
  • Create better and more useful reports
  • Import and export tables more easily

Who should attend?

  • Participants need to be familiar with the ‘Access – introduction’ content before attending this course.
  • Designed for Office 365 versions: 2016, 2013 and 2010.


A very practical, interactive one-day session for a maximum group size of 12. Comprehensive materials provided.

Expert trainer

Alan is a highly experienced and very popular IT skills trainer. After eighteen years as an employed IT trainer and training manager he went independent in 2013, specialising in Microsoft Office courses, primarily Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and Access, although he also delivers training in other programs when required. His clients come from all sectors and include such organisations as The Economist, Hyundai, Marston Group, MediaCom, London Borough of Harrow, Paragon Customer Communications, ICP Global Creative, Bywaters, etc, etc.

See what some of the participants have said about his workshops:

‘Fantastic. Well-paced and easy to follow.’

‘Great experience.’

‘Very personable, relatable, patient and able to present complicated processes in an understandable way.’

‘Friendly and good at checking people are up to speed.’

‘Very good and explained and answered all questions.’

‘Explains everything well.’

‘Excellent teacher and very intelligent.’

‘Very knowledgeable would love to have him again if there is another course – thank you.’

‘Alan explains things very clearly and addresses issues on questions before they are visible. Thank you very much!’

1 Table relationship integrity

  • Identifying relationships
  • Identifying criteria for data integrity
  • Applying referential integrity
  • Managing relationship join types

2 Table field properties

  • Field properties overview
  • Using input mask field
  • Using default value fields
  • Using field validation rules

3 Query functions

  • Running aggregate function calculations
  • Running sum, average, count, max and min functions
  • Grouping calculated data

4 Query calculations

  • Using query operators and expressions
  • Adding calculated fields to a query
  • Using the query expression builder

5 Action queries

  • Creating make table queries
  • Creating append queries
  • Creating update queries
  • Creating delete queries

6 Designing forms

  • Adding form controls
  • Aligning and arranging form controls
  • Adding pictures and labels to forms
  • Adding new fields to a form
  • Controlling tab order
  • Adding command buttons
  • Adding a combo box control
  • Formatting data using conditional formatting

7 Form expressions (calculations)

  • Using the form expression builder
  • Working with a property sheet within a form
  • Linking expressions within a form

8 Working with reports

  • Creating reports with the report wizard
  • Inserting report fields
  • Formatting fields
  • Inserting report headers and footers
  • Working with a property sheet within a report

9 Grouped reports

  • Creating groups with the report wizard
  • Sorting grouped data
  • Grouping alphabetically
  • Grouping on date intervals
  • Creating sub reports
  • Adding calculations to groups

10 Importing and exporting tables

  • Importing tables into Access
  • Exporting tables from Access
  • Importing and linking data in Access

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