Access – intermediate

A one-day workshop

This one-day workshop will give you a better understanding of the components and operations of an Access database. It is designed to build on a user’s existing skills and includes useful action queries to allow greater manipulation of a database.

Learning objectives

This workshop will help participants:

  • Ensure the integrity of their databases
  • Manage field properties
  • Use the query functions effectively
  • Save time with the query expression builder
  • Create different types of query more quickly
  • Design better forms
  • Link expressions in forms
  • Create better and more useful reports
  • Import and export tables more easily

Who should attend?

  • Participants need to be familiar with the ‘Access – introduction’ content before attending this course.
  • Designed for Office 365 versions: 2016, 2013 and 2010.


A very practical, interactive one-day session for a maximum group size of 12. Comprehensive materials provided.

1 Table relationship integrity

  • Identifying relationships
  • Identifying criteria for data integrity
  • Applying referential integrity
  • Managing relationship join types

2 Table field properties

  • Field properties overview
  • Using input mask field
  • Using default value fields
  • Using field validation rules

3 Query functions

  • Running aggregate function calculations
  • Running sum, average, count, max and min functions
  • Grouping calculated data

4 Query calculations

  • Using query operators and expressions
  • Adding calculated fields to a query
  • Using the query expression builder

5 Action queries

  • Creating make table queries
  • Creating append queries
  • Creating update queries
  • Creating delete queries

6 Designing forms

  • Adding form controls
  • Aligning and arranging form controls
  • Adding pictures and labels to forms
  • Adding new fields to a form
  • Controlling tab order
  • Adding command buttons
  • Adding a combo box control
  • Formatting data using conditional formatting

7 Form expressions (calculations)

  • Using the form expression builder
  • Working with a property sheet within a form
  • Linking expressions within a form

8 Working with reports

  • Creating reports with the report wizard
  • Inserting report fields
  • Formatting fields
  • Inserting report headers and footers
  • Working with a property sheet within a report

9 Grouped reports

  • Creating groups with the report wizard
  • Sorting grouped data
  • Grouping alphabetically
  • Grouping on date intervals
  • Creating sub reports
  • Adding calculations to groups

10 Importing and exporting tables

  • Importing tables into Access
  • Exporting tables from Access
  • Importing and linking data in Access

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