Outlook – advanced

A one-day workshop

This one-day workshop is intended for participants who have a basic understanding of Outlook but who want to know how to use its advanced features to manage their email communications, calendar events, contact information and other communication tasks.

Learning objectives

This course will help participants:

  • Gain confidence using Outlook and its advanced features
  • Organise and prioritise email messages
  • Archive messages for safe-keeping
  • Use rules to process received or sent messages automatically
  • Manage scheduled meetings with others
  • Give others permission to view and manage their folders and items
  • Use contacts and commands to find out more about a person or company
  • Prioritise work-flow using tasks and assigning tasks to others

Who should attend?

  • Participants need to be familiar with the ‘Outlook – introduction’ content before attending this course.
  • Designed for Office 365 versions: 2016, 2013 and 2010


A very practical, interactive one-day session for a maximum group size of 12. Comprehensive materials provided.

1 Email messages

  • Combining multiple clicks with quick steps
  • Following up flag options
  • Saving multiple attachments
  • Attaching a folder of files
  • Recalling and replacing a message
  • Categorising messages with conditional formatting

2 Message options

  • Adding options to messages
  • Marking a message as private
  • Receiving quick responses with voting buttons
  • Directing replies to specific users
  • Delaying sent messages
  • Inserting links in messages

3 Stay organised with rules

  • Using rules to automate message flow
  • Moving messages with rules
  • Using the rules wizard
  • Setting up rules with conditions
  • Using rules that work whilst you are away

4 Message clean-up

  • Using conversation clean-up
  • Using mailbox clean-up
  • Moving messages to the archive folder
  • Archiving folder properties
  • Auto-archiving properties

5 Managing calendars

  • Creating calendar groups
  • Sharing calendars with permissions
  • Setting up working days and times
  • Managing time zones
  • Categorise appointments with conditional formatting
  • Publishing a calendar

6 Schedule meetings

  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Managing meeting responses
  • Proposing new meeting times
  • Adding attendees to a meeting
  • Viewing multiple appointments

7 Using contacts

  • Merging contacts to letters
  • Merging contacts to labels
  • Mail merging contacts in Word
  • Exporting contacts to Excel

8 Managing tasks

  • Organising your workload with tasks
  • Categorising tasks
  • Assigning tasks to others
  • Sending a task status report
  • Allocating time for tasks
  • Regenerating a new task
  • Viewing your tasks in the calendar

9 Adding message items

  • Adding calendars to messages
  • Adding business cards to messages

10 Email accounts

  • Adding multiple user accounts
  • Adding account permissions

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