Word – intermediate

A one-day workshop

This one-day workshop is designed to build upon skills already acquired using Microsoft Word, whether participants are self-taught or have previously attended a course. It gives participants a good understanding of managing different types of paragraph indents, and managing automated numbered paragraph lists.

Learning objectives

This course will help participants:

  • Create and manage the layout of paragraphs
  • Create and manage multi-level numbered paragraphs
  • Effectively insert, use and manage section breaks
  • Create and manage columns
  • Find, create and apply styles
  • Create and update a table of contents from styles
  • Work with styles to manage formatting
  • Work with sums in tables and use table headings
  • Input and edit text using AutoText
  • Work with SmartArt graphics
  • Link to other files using paste special


  • Participants need to be familiar with the ‘Word – introduction’ content before attending this course
  • Designed for Office 365, versions: 2016, 2013 and 2010


A very practical, interactive one-day session for a maximum group size of 12. Comprehensive materials provided.

1 Managing paragraph layout

  • Controlling paragraph layouts with indents
  • Creating and managing paragraph hanging indents

2 Numbering paragraphs

  • Creating a new multi-level numbered paragraph
  • Managing existing multi-level numbered paragraphs

3 Inserting columns

  • Creating columns from existing paragraphs
  • Setting up columns
  • Managing columns

4 Document section breaks

  • Controlling document layout using section breaks
  • Managing page orientation using section breaks
  • Managing page numbering using section breaks

5 Using styles

  • Applying quick styles
  • Finding existing styles
  • Creating and saving styles
  • Modifying styles
  • Creating a table of contents from styles
  • Updating a table of contents

6 Using quick parts

  • Saving content to quick parts
  • Modifying saved quick parts
  • Inserting content using AutoText
  • Editing AutoText entries
  • Inputting text using AutoCorrect

7 Advanced table features

  • Sorting table columns
  • Running sums in tables
  • Repeating table headings at top of page
  • Importing Excel content in tables
  • Using table properties

8 Creating a mail merge

  • Creating letters, labels and emails
  • Merging addresses from external files
  • Using Outlook’s address book to merge
  • Merging to email

9 SmartArt graphic

  • Visually communicate content with SmartArt
  • Choosing a SmartArt graphic
  • Inputting into SmartArt
  • Modifying and formatting SmartArt graphics

10 Linking to other files

  • Linking to files using paste special
  • Linking an Excel chart to a document
  • Managing linked content from Word

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