Managing project teams successfully

A one-day workshop

This project management training programme is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to effectively lead and manage project teams. It goes beyond the fundamentals of project management and focuses specifically on the people aspect of project management.

Participants will learn strategies for building and leading high-performing teams, effective communication techniques, conflict resolution, motivation, and stakeholder management. Through interactive discussions, case studies, and practical exercises, participants will gain the necessary tools and techniques to successfully manage project teams and enhance project outcomes.

Learning objectives

This highly engaging and participative workshop will help participants:

  • Develop the skills to effectively lead and manage project teams
  • Improve team performance, collaboration, and productivity
  • Enhance communication and conflict resolution abilities
  • Motivate and engage team members to achieve project success
  • Gain practical techniques for stakeholder management and engagement

By the end of the programme, participants will have the knowledge and skills to effectively manage project teams, foster collaboration, resolve conflicts, and motivate team members.

Who should attend?

This motivational and practical programme is designed for those leading project teams. An understanding of project management fundamentals is assumed. Ideally, participants should also already have good communication skills – this is an opportunity to build on those skills, rather than starting from scratch.


A very practical, interactive one-day session for a maximum group size of 12.

The style is upbeat and motivational. Short sessions from the trainer cover the key concepts, theories, and best practice. Case studies of real-world project team scenarios are used to help participants understand the practical application of project team management principles. Participants are encouraged to share their insights, experiences, and challenges related to project team management. Role-plays and simulations use project team scenarios to practice effective communication, conflict resolution, and motivation techniques. Collaborative activities reinforce learning and foster teamwork among participants. Comprehensive course materials include copies of slides, handouts, reading lists and other reference materials on team management and leadership, together with sample team communication plans and templates and conflict resolution techniques and negotiation guides.

Special features

This one-day programme can be delivered face-to-face or virtually – the choice is yours. If virtual, you can choose whether to retain the one-day format or have two half-day sessions instead. Either way, virtual or on-site, participants are assured of the same high-quality learning experience.

Expert trainer

Graham specialises in providing high-quality consultancy, coaching and training in project management, client relationships and stakeholder management, and personal productivity. Over the last twenty-five years he has personally trained or coached over 30,000 business professionals. He is a member of the International Institute of Coaching and a qualified NLP Master Trainer. His work has taken him all over the world and involved him in working closely with hundreds of different organisations from all business sectors, his client list including such organisations as BT, Vodafone, AT&T, Orange, Pfizer, GSK, Boots, Unilever, American Express, Thomas Cook, Apple, Sony, Motorola, Cisco, MFI, Barclays Bank, LIFFE, Abbey National, Prison Service, Home Office, Law Society, BBC, Daimler-Chrysler, Citroen, Weetabix, Nikon, Shell and many, many others.

Graham has written over twenty books, published in several different countries, including Working Smarter, Companies don’t succeed – people do!, and Customer Relationship Management.

Known internationally as both a trainer/coach and a popular motivational speaker, he believes that effective learning has to be interactive and challenging. All his learning events are built around practical exercises, role play and case studies. His training style focuses not on just explaining new ideas or developing new skills, but also on motivating people to use them and to develop themselves as individuals. This approach gets results, as the following comments from programme participants show:

‘Brilliant course, really interesting and very focused to my job role and day to day work.’

‘Took away some very good ideas that I can use every day… good examples too.’

‘Very confident in the subject, and amusing too. Made the course very interesting. A very clear model to use going forward.’

‘Full of useful hints and tips which I will apply to my job.’

‘Extremely well presented and structured’

1 Understanding project team dynamics

  • Importance of effective project team management
  • Characteristics of high-performing project teams
  • Roles and responsibilities of project team members
  • Building a project team: team selection and composition
  • Team formation stages: forming, storming, norming, and performing
  • Strategies for fostering collaboration and teamwork

2 Effective communication and collaboration

  • Communication in project teams: importance and challenges
  • Developing a communication plan
  • Communication channels and techniques
  • Active listening and effective questioning
  • Managing virtual and remote project teams
  • Cultivating a culture of open communication

3 Conflict management and resolution

  • Sources and types of conflict in project teams
  • Conflict resolution approaches and techniques
  • Negotiation skills for project managers
  • Mediation and facilitation in resolving conflicts
  • Promoting a positive conflict resolution environment

4 Motivating and engaging project teams

  • Understanding motivation theories and their application
  • Strategies for motivating project team members
  • Recognising and rewarding project team contributions
  • Empowering and delegating responsibilities
  • Team building activities and exercises
  • Stakeholder management and engagement

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