Agile working

A half-day workshop

Agile working is an approach that the NHS supports. It demands new ways of working and thinking. Agile means that work is now seen as an activity, not a place. People are the organisation. The way we communicate has to change. The way we manage has to change. This workshop will let you reflect on what works for you now and where you may need to adapt. You may need to trust and value your team more than ever, but when they aren’t in front of you in the office, you will need to question your beliefs.

Learning objectives

The workshop will help you:

  • Understand what Agile Working is all about
  • Reflect on your management style
  • Recognise the new ways of managing agile workers
  • Choose the right communication methods
  • Understand culture and mindset
  • Identify different ways of measuring performance
  • Focus on innovation and not bureaucracy
  • Manage more effectively

This workshop has been designed to support you in effectively managing an agile team. You will need to be open to questioning your existing techniques and be open and responsive to change.

Who should attend?

This programme is appropriate for all those who have responsibility for managing staff who are not all situated in the same office.


This half-day workshop focuses on your current role as a manager and the shift required to become an effective Agile manager. It is a mix of theory and plenty of doing! You will be ‘holding up the mirror’ to assess your style and how effective it is and be responsive to adapting to take the organisation forward.

Expert trainer

Kate is recognised as an excellent communicator, trainer and coach. Her approach is centred on the people aspect of any situation and she encourages participants to look at situations through the eyes of others. She specialises in helping people to manage change and make it work for them in areas such as managing and communicating change, delivering excellent customer service, management development and personal development.

1 What’s it all about?

  • What is Agile working?
  • What are your personal management concerns?
  • How to make it work
  • Time / location / role / source

2 Your role as an Agile manager

  • Your style
  • Your team’s individual preferences
  • Learning to let go
  • Your management style self assessment

3 The 3 areas of focus

  • Trust
  • Delegation
  • Empowerment

4 Communicating effectively

  • New ways of communicating
  • Managing expectations
  • What are you measuring?

5 Your personal action plan

  • What are you going to do differently?

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