Communication skills

A half-day workshop

Effective communication is a skill. This half-day workshop is very interactive – participants can practise their communication skills in a positive, supportive environment.


An interactive, half-day workshop.

Expert trainer

Kate is recognised as an excellent communicator, trainer and coach. Her approach is centred on the people aspect of any situation and she encourages participants to look at situations through the eyes of others. She specialises in helping people to manage change and make it work for them in areas such as managing and communicating change, delivering excellent customer service, management development and personal development.

1 Welcome, introductions and objectives

  • The definition of effective communication
  • Exercise: sending a message

2 Verbal communications

  • Effective communicators – who are they? What skills or attributes do they have?
  • Listening skills, clear use of words, presence, eye contact, body language

3 How good a listener are you?

  • Exercise: listening skills questionnaire and evaluation

4 Impact versus intent – what did you really mean to say?

  • Attitudes influence behaviour and behaviour breeds behaviour
  • Exercise: ‘I never said she stole money’
  • The need to avoid misunderstanding or misinterpretation

5 The 5 key principles to effective communication

  • Exercise: ‘What would you say?’

6 Written communication

  • What makes an effective written communication?
  • Kipling’s 6 Honest Men: who, what, where, when, why and how
  • Planning to write an email

7 Fuzzy meanings

  • Probabilities for misunderstandings and misinterpretations

8 Practical exercise

  • Hone written communication skills and put into practice hints and tips from the session

9 Review of key learning points and objectives

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