Performance management conversations for managers

A one-day workshop

Recognising the value of, and practising, clear and open communication at all levels is the first step to improving performance, whether at an individual, team, management, leadership or organisational level.

We all know this, but why is it so difficult? This unique programme will make it much, much easier for you by giving you a robust framework to use – and the opportunity to practise your skills in a safe, supportive environment. It will help you have conversation that deliver tangible results.

Learning objectives

The programme will help you:

  • Overcome the barriers to effective performance conversations
  • Handle feedback conversations effectively
  • Improve working relationships with your staff
  • Set realistic expectations and targets (and get ‘buy-in’ for them)
  • Improve your communication style
  • Plan and prepare for honest conversations in the workplace

Who should attend?

Managers wanting to practise and perfect performance management conversations.


This one-day workshop will focus on having those tougher conversations about performance issues or negative behaviour and / or attitudes. It will give you a template for holding these conversations and help you understand the impact of not having them.

Expert trainer

Kate is recognised as an excellent communicator, trainer and coach. Her approach is centred on the people aspect of any situation and she encourages participants to look at situations through the eyes of others. She specialises in helping people to manage change and make it work for them in areas such as managing and communicating change, delivering excellent customer service, management development and personal development.

1 What is an honest conversation?

  • Why don’t we have them more often?
  • What stops us?
  • The cost of not having them

2 The feedback conversation

  • Dealing with the impact of feedback conversations

3 Preparing for conflict

4 Effective working relationships

5 The expectations conversation

6 The targets conversation

7 Your communication styles

8 Planning and preparing for an honest conversation

9 Giving and receiving feedback skills

Any questions? Please just give us a call on 01582 463463 – we’re here to help!