Motivating people – skills for managers

A one-day workshop

This training day will help managers explore what they need to do to create a motivating environment at work and learn some theory, tools and ideas to inspire motivation at individual and team level.

Motivation is a key factor in effective people management and successful team performance. It involves engaging and inspiring your people and developing them in such ways as to improve their effectiveness and thus have a greater benefit to customers. It can also involve having tough conversations with those who do not seem to be motivated.

Learning objectives

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Identify key motivating factors at work and learn and create ideas to better engage staff
  • Learn a conversation tool to use for challenging discussions
  • Explain their role in motivating staff and understand a range of techniques and approaches to use in the workplace
  • Review learning and have an action plan to take back and implement at work

Who should attend?

Managers who want to be equipped with knowledge and skills to improve motivation at work.


The day will use a workshop style approach and rely on participants to bring their motivation challenges to the training day. There is a pre workshop exercise to complete and bring which aims to capture the motivation challenges up front and which will be used in several exercises to aid thinking and action planning. The day itself will comprise trainer input on theories and tools to try, practical tasks, group work and professional peer practice and discussion.


Complete a self assessment task posed as questions on current challenges to managing motivation effectively. This needs to be brought to the training day.

Expert trainer

Amanda is a highly experienced coach and facilitator specialising in providing leadership coaching, management development programmes and facilitation services to the public, private and voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sectors. Her work in the public service sector, in particular, has so far extended to facilitation sessions, focus groups, team development, personal effectiveness skills training, customer service training, performance management training, and specialist leadership and management programmes.

1 Welcome, housekeeping, objectives

  • Breaking the ice
  • Setting personal objectives

2 Group work: identifying personal motivators and where they come from

3 Defining motivation

  • The characteristics of a motivated team
  • Input and group discussion

4 Factors impacting on motivation at work

  • Using pre-work to identify challenges, hotspots and obstacles
  • Feedback in plenary
  • Exploring the benefits of motivation that address current challenges and agreeing outcomes for change

5 Commitment vs. compliance – organisational engagement and the manager’s approach to buy in

6 Team challenge task using a theory about motivation

  • Trainer input and review in plenary

7 Group task – complete a plan for individuals identified in pre-workshop task

8 Skill / will – a motivation tool: trainer input, followed by tasks that are assessed and discussed in peer groups

  • 1-2-1 feedback task on approaches and plans to be taken back and used at work
  • Feedback and plenary review

9 DEAL – a conversation tool: how to construct a conversation plan about motivation with an individual

  • Peer professional 1-2-1s to practice the discussion planned and gain feedback

10 Review, evaluation and action planning

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