Beating stress

A half-day workshop

We all tend to have challenges throughout our lives that cause varying levels of pressure. It is healthy and essential that people experience such challenges because up to a certain point an increase in pressure improves performance and quality of life.

Too much pressure can be harmful and affect our health and wellbeing. This participative half-day workshop will explore the causes and impact of stress and provide an opportunity to learn some new ideas and techniques to cope with it. Practical tasks and exercises will be used to promote discussion and participants will be encouraged to share their own experiences and approaches.

Learning objectives

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the causes and symptoms of stress and how to spot them
  • Become more aware of personal habitual behaviours and approaches that get in the way of dealing with stress productively
  • Learn ideas and approaches that help you to cope with the thoughts, emotions and physical feelings that happen in stressful and difficult situations
  • Review and evaluate learning and have an action plan to take back and put into practice at work

Who should attend?

Anyone who would like to learn how to cope better with stress at work.


This half-day workshop will teach you how to recognise and deal with stress in order to improve personal effectiveness in challenging and difficult situations.

Expert trainer

Amanda is a highly experienced coach and facilitator specialising in providing leadership coaching, management development programmes and facilitation services to the public, private and voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sectors. Her work in the public service sector, in particular, has so far extended to facilitation sessions, focus groups, team development, personal effectiveness skills training, customer service training, performance management training, and specialist leadership and management programmes.

1 Welcome, introductions and objectives

  • Breaking the ice

2 Stress

  • Its sources and effects on you
  • Defining stress, its signs and symptoms

3 Exploring your ‘default’ habits

  • Their consequences in stressful situations

4 Dealing with perception

  • Strategies and approaches for coping with stress

5 Setting goals with positive outcomes

  • Review and evaluation of learning
  • Action planning

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