Management in a day!

A one-day workshop

This practical, enjoyable day will give you the tools to go and do your job effectively and the opportunity to practise using them in a safe and supportive environment before putting them into practice for real back in the workplace.

To inspire, you need to be inspired! Having the right set of skills, tools and techniques helps us to manage in a productive and beneficial way.

Above all, the workshop will inspire you with the determination to engage with the people you manage to produce greater levels of achievement.

Learning objectives

This workshop will enable you to:

  • Understand what the role of the manager is
  • Engage and inspire a team to perform
  • Recognise the range of styles appropriate for different situations and how your communication style impacts
  • Provide clear direction on your team’s purpose, role and responsibilities
  • Understand how to create a motivating environment for those who report to you
  • Hold them accountable for delivery
  • Hold performance conversations
  • Review and evaluate your learning and have a plan to take back and implement at work

Who should attend?

Managers, team leaders and supervisors who are new in their role or who would value a refresher in some different tools and ideas.


A one-day workshop that focuses on creating awareness, developing attitudes and beliefs and embedding newly acquired skills and behaviours as habits. It is highly interactive and participative and is based on the every day examples of participant experiences to bring the role to life. You will be invited to make links to current internal and external drivers for change or relevant change initiative and their impact during the day. Peer discussion and practice sharing will be used to cement your thinking in relation to the changes taking place in your organisation during the day.

Expert trainer

Amanda is a highly experienced coach and facilitator specialising in providing leadership coaching, management development programmes and facilitation services to the public, private and voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sectors. Her work in the public service sector, in particular, has so far extended to facilitation sessions, focus groups, team development, personal effectiveness skills training, customer service training, performance management training, and specialist leadership and management programmes.

1 Bringing the role to life

  • Starting the day with sharing your current ideals and approaches using the pre workshop task
  • Understanding what you bring to your role and your objectives for the day

2 The role and responsibilities of a manager: an overview

  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Producing results
  • Managing teams
  • Developing individuals

3 Communication excellence

  • The model of a team communicator
  • What type of communicator are you and what about your team?
  • Practical interactive group exercise

4 Your role as a team leader – shaping how we work using the organisation’s values

  • Your role
  • Your team’s role
  • Enabling your team to deliver in a changing mindset

5 Engaging and motivating your team

  • Exercise: using a leadership model to explore how you are enabling your team to engage with current change, what’s getting in the way and how you will manage this in your organisational context
  • Peer and group task and discussion

6 Addressing motivation at team and individual level in times of change

  • Exercises:
    • Identifying approaches to motivating people at work based on a work based model of motivation: team task
    • Exploring a behavioural model of motivation: team discussion
  • Review in plenary

7 Holding people accountable

  • The work cycle model of team performance:
    • Agree purpose
    • Set objectives
    • Monitor performance
    • Provide feedback
    • Compliance vs. commitment
  • Professional discussion in small groups
  • Exercise: Practising short conversations using peer coaching support

8 Review of learning and action planning

  • Personal review and action planning
  • Group review of learning
  • Evaluation

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