10 practical ways to save time using ChatGPT and AI tools

A 3-hour webinar

ChatGPT, along with other AI tools, aims not to replace the human touch in management, but to enhance it.

By addressing repetitive, daily tasks, these tools free up managers to concentrate on core responsibilities like strategic decision-making, team development, and innovation. As we move further into the digital age, integrating tools such as ChatGPT isn’t a luxury; it’s the future of proactive leadership. In this guide, we’ll delve into 10 practical ways through which AI can elevate your efficiency and refine the quality of your work.

Learning objectives

  • Gain familiarity with prominent AI tools in the market
  • Efficiently compose and respond to emails
  • Generate concise summaries of complex reports and data.
  • Obtain quick insights, data, and research across varied topics
  • Streamline the writing of articles, training notes, and posts
  • Craft interview tests, form relevant questions, and design checklists for the hiring process

Who should attend?

Anyone can attend this session! You do not need any prior knowledge of AI or ChatGPT.


A thoroughly enjoyable, very practical and relaxed half-day session, led by one of our most popular trainers.

Expert trainer

Graham specialises in providing high-quality consultancy, coaching and training in sales, sales management, customer service and personal productivity. He has a long career in sales and was a top-performing IT and solutions sales professional and sales manager. His most recent full-time role was as Managing Director of Sales Productivity and Development for Thomson Financial, helping develop a large European sales force.

His work has taken him all over the world and involved him in working closely with hundreds of different organisations from all business sectors, his client list including such organisations as BT, Vodafone, AT&T, Orange, Pfizer, GSK, Boots, Unilever, American Express, Thomas Cook, Apple, Sony, Motorola, Cisco, MFI, Barclays Bank, LIFFE, Abbey National, Prison Service, Home Office, Law Society, BBC, Daimler-Chrysler, Citroen, Weetabix, Nikon, Shell and many, many others. In addition he has written over twenty books published in several different countries, including Companies don’t succeed – people do!, 90 Brain Teasers for Trainers, Customer Service Games for Training, Sales Training Games, Telephone Tactics and Working Smarter.

Known internationally as both a trainer and a popular motivational speaker, he believes that effective learning has to be interactive and challenging. All his learning events are built around practical exercises, role play and case studies. His training style focuses not on just explaining new ideas or developing new skills, but also on motivating people to use them and to develop themselves as individuals. This approach gets results, as the following comments from course participants show:

‘Brilliant course, really interesting and very focused to my job role and day to day work.’

‘Took away some very good ideas that I can use every day… good examples too.’

‘Very confident in the subject, and amusing too. Made the course very interesting. A very clear sales model to use going forward.’

‘Full of useful hints and tips which I will apply to my job.’

‘Extremely well presented and structured’

‘A very intensive course and a lot of concrete tools provided.’

‘Useful data, tools and insights; engaging and interesting as always.’

‘Very good… contained everything we do on a regular basis and problems we have come across… the exercises made it very interesting too.’

The more advance access the trainer has to examples of sales proposals from your company, the more focused and beneficial will be the participants’ learning experience. If required, the trainer can also give a best practice review of any standard company templates and can also give feedback on individual and live proposals.

For maximum impact, it is recommended that the trainer spend some time with you analysing your current approach, so that the programme can be tailored to focus on those areas that could deliver the greatest benefits, eg:

  • Reviewing the learning points, to emphasise those that are particularly relevant to your team, adding or omitting material as required in order to meet your precise objectives
  • Toolkit changed to fit your target products and customer types and to be consistent with your internal culture, terminology and style
  • Integration of product or service information into bespoke ‘best practice’ case studies and exercises

1 Streamlining emails

An inbox can be a goldmine of information but also a significant time drain for managers. Here’s how to optimise it:

  • Drafting responses: Give the AI a brief, and watch it craft a well-structured response.
  • Sorting and prioritising: By employing user-defined rules and keywords, ChatGPT can flag important emails, ensuring no vital communication slips through the cracks.

2 Efficient report writing

Reports, especially routine ones, can be time-intensive. Here’s a smarter approach:

  • Automate content: Supply key data points to the AI, and let it weave them into an insightful report.
  • Proofreading: Lean on ChatGPT for grammar checks and consistency, ensuring each report remains crisp and error-free.

3 Rapid research

From competitor insights to market trends, research is a pivotal part of management.

  • Data synthesis: Feed raw data to the AI and receive succinct summaries in return.
  • Question-answering: Pose specific questions about a dataset to ChatGPT and extract swift insights without diving deep into the entire content.

4 Reinventing recruitment

Hiring can be a lengthy process. Here’s how to make it more efficient:

  • Resume screening: Equip the AI to spot keywords and qualifications, ensuring that only the most fitting candidates are shortlisted.
  • Preliminary interviews: Leverage ChatGPT for the initial rounds of interviews by framing critical questions and evaluating the responses.

5 Enhancing training

Especially for extensive teams, training can be a monumental task. Here’s how ChatGPT can assist:

  • Customised content: Inform the AI of your training goals, and it will draft tailored content suitable for various roles.
  • PowerPoint design: Create visually appealing slide presentations on any topic in minimal time.

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