Business writing skills

A one-day workshop

Are your emails, documents and reports hitting the mark? Now, you can sharpen your writing skills with this expert-led training course. It is tailored for managers and professionals and developed over many years; it shows you how to write with more impact and in fewer words.

The day includes many hands-on exercises, and you will benefit from one-to-one feedback from your training colleagues. Elevate your business writing and impress your readers with every word using proven techniques and many advanced skills.

Learning objectives

This workshop will help participants:

  • Adopt the ABC of writing: Accuracy, Brevity, and Clarity
  • Master the writing stages for concise, clear, and convincing documents
  • Craft compelling communication with seven advanced writing techniques
  • How to create effective one-page summaries of a report or proposal
  • Embrace ‘everyday English’ to show competence and courtesy
  • Avoid jargon and the passive voice for a more substantial impact
  • Follow top email etiquette for professional exchanges
  • Refine editing and proofreading to excel in the first draft
  • Present data and figures in the best way to aid clarity and understanding

Who should attend?

This course is for experienced document crafters eager to refine their style and amplify their written impact. Ideal for a range of documents, from emails to business plans.

A small group size means maximum learning.


This one-day interactive workshop is designed to enhance your ability to write professional, high-quality business documents, including letters, reports, and emails. It combines practical exercises with expert guidance to improve your writing skills. It offers a blend of individual and collaborative learning opportunities, ensuring you leave with enhanced writing skills applicable across a range of business contexts.

Special features

  1. Hands-on practice: engage in practical exercises using your real-life documents, enhancing editing and proofreading skills through pair work.
  2. Skill-building exercises: develop your composing, editing, and proofreading abilities through targeted activities focusing on emails, reports, and letters.

Expert trainer

Graham is an experienced trainer, business consultant and author. He has written and published more than a dozen books on business and training and is a regular contributor to journals and many websites.

1 Foundations of effective writing

  • What is business writing and why it matters
  • Applying the five key principles of good business writing
  • Review of best- and worst-case examples

2 Content, tone, and style

  • Creating your message with clear aims and focused on your reader
  • Embracing the ABC principle: Accuracy, Brevity, Clarity, supported by best practices
  • Online tools to help to create and craft effective written communication

3 Impactful writing with everyday English

  • The most common unforced errors to avoid
  • Utilising visual elements to bring your writing to life
  • Advanced writing techniques to leave a lasting impression on your reader

4 Effective report writing

  • Structure and planning: crafting a clear structure and planning content for maximum impact.
  • Data presentation: utilising charts, graphs, and visuals to support arguments and enhance understanding.
  • Executive summaries: mastering the art of concise and informative summaries that capture the essence of your report

5 Editing and proofreading mastery

  • Grammar rules and the correct use of bullet points, capitals, and headings
  • Advanced editing skills to enhance clarity and conciseness
  • Specialist proofreading methods tailored to various document types

6 Persuasive writing techniques

  • Strategies to persuade and influence effectively
  • Building a convincing narrative to guide the reader
  • Proactively addressing and countering objections

7 Email communication essentials

  • Adhering to email etiquette for professional exchanges
  • Establishing rules for impactful email communication
  • Deciding when to opt for phone or in-person discussions over emails

8 Copywriting and content writing

  • Engaging your audience: techniques to captivate and retain reader interest
  • SEO basics: integrating keywords and SEO strategies to enhance online visibility
  • Tone and voice consistency: maintaining a consistent brand voice to build trust and recognition

9 Application and practice

  • Summarising key takeaways through individual reflection
  • Regular personal practice sessions, complemented by one-to-one consultations with peers and the trainer

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