Managing with NLP

A one-day workshop

Self-understanding is a prerequisite for leading and managing others responsibly and honourably. The field of Neuro Linguistic Programming has helped us to gain a better insight into how we all think and behave.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Gain an insight into the purpose and functions of the unconscious mind
  • Develop flexibility to increase their for behaviours in different circumstances
  • Appreciate how different people experience the world
  • Create and set effective goals and direction
  • Understand the NLP Model of Communication
  • Adapt their communication style to maximise effectiveness
  • Influence and persuade others by connecting with people
  • Understand how empowerment can make life easier
  • Appreciate how creativity works
  • Learn creativity techniques to tap into the power of the team

Who should attend?

Managers: to get the best out of their team and expand their own capabilities.


This one-day programme introduces some of the key concepts and techniques that can be used.

Expert trainer

An enthusiastic developer of people, Scott is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. He has been working as a Coach and Consultant since 1996. Operating from a solid foundation of over 20 years in the finance industry, Scott has worked independently and also as an associate since 2000.
During his career Scott has worked through various roles including management, account management, business advising and sales development, with a range of businesses and people at all levels including managing directors and CEO’s. Scott actively uses NLP techniques when coaching and training.

Scott has published a number of articles on his experiences as an international trainer and coach. He has worked with many clients (eg, HMV, Waterstones, NatWest, Senate Electrical, Sage UK, Software Europe, Northampton Borough Council, University of Lincoln, Southwark Borough Council, Acton Training Centre, Johnson & Wales University (Miami), Costa Cruises, EDF etc.) in a diverse range of sectors, including wholesaling, retail, finance, hospitality, training, market research, vehicle repair, airline operations, software design and universities. Scott has a particular interest in people motivation. He is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Banking (ACIB).

1 Self-awareness

  • Autopilot – your unconscious mind
  • Developing flexibility
  • How identify, values & beliefs shape our behaviour
  • Models of the world

2 Creating direction

  • Describing present and desired state
  • Designing your direction
  • Making it happen
  • Self-mastery

3 Communication

  • The NLP Model of Communication
  • Insights to the way people think
  • Understanding representation systems
  • Reframing the way people think about negative experiences
  • Using metaphor

4 Influence and persuasion

  • Building trust
  • Connecting with people
  • Purpose intention and outcomes
  • The difference empowerment makes

5 Creativity and innovation

  • Hindrances to creativity and innovation
  • Your natural state of creativity
  • Getting unblocked
  • Creativity techniques

6 Action plan

  • Course summary and presentation of action plans

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