Appraisal skills

A one-day workshop

Many managers question the value of appraisal programmes and many line managers believe appraisals are unduly time-consuming and bureaucratic. Yet the appraisal is a vital starting point when it comes to managing performance effectively and it is vital that managers appreciate this. Handled well, the benefits of formal appraisals are enormous. This thoroughly practical workshop has been designed to give line managers the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver a well-structured appraisal – even in the most challenging circumstances.

Learning objectives

This course will help participants:

  • Appreciate the benefits of the appraisal process
  • Assess standards of performance objectively
  • Plan and prepare for appraisals effectively
  • Conduct a well-structured appraisal meeting
  • Acquire the essential skills required for effective appraisals
  • Improve their ability to discuss difficult issues more confidently
  • Identify training and development requirements
  • Agree clear and measurable development objectives
  • Complete essential paperwork
  • Understand the need to facilitate continual informal dialogue between appraisals

Who should attend?

This programme is ideal for line managers who have had little or no formal training on the appraisal process, although it has also benefited many managers who were in need of a ‘refresher’ on the subject.


Participants in this highly practical one-day workshop are encouraged to take a pro-active approach, in small team discussions, case studies and practical exercises. This helps to ensure a pooling of ideas, knowledge and experience in applying the skills back at work.

The dynamic nature of this course requires that the number of participants be limited to no more than 12 if maximum benefit is to be had from the day.

Special features

Your organisation’s appraisal documentation can be incorporated into the workshop, to ensure that participants are continually relating the learning to your in-house processes.

Expert trainer

Your organisation’s appraisal documentation can be incorporated into the workshop, to ensure that participants are continually relating the learning to your in-house processes.

Expert trainer

Rosanne has over twenty years’ experience working in Human Resources in blue-chip companies and in the public sector as an HR Manager, a trainer and a coach. Rosanne has worked at a strategic level within organisations and also has operational experience. She now runs her own consultancy practice and brings enthusiasm, pragmatism and a real understanding of the challenges facing businesses today. Her work focuses on:

Training (in the areas of HR skills, management development, skills training and training for trainers) building high performance teams (using the Solutions Focus approach) one-to-one coaching (using the Co-Active Coaching approach) expert facilitation (of meetings, workshops, strategy development days, etc).

Rosanne is passionate about helping organisations and individuals reach their full potential. She has substantial experience of training and development at all stages, including training needs analysis, designing and delivering training interventions and training evaluation against business outcomes and performance.

A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, a Business Practitioner in NLP and with a background in Transactional Analysis, Rosanne is also a qualified coach through the Coaches Training Institute and is also qualified to use a number of psychometric instruments such as OPQ/MBTI/TMSDI. Feedback from training course participants:

‘A lot of information was absorbed. I’ve not had SO MUCH FUN on any previous course.’

‘Excellent facilitator. Can draw the audience and get the best out of them.’

‘I think that this is the most useful and enjoyable course I have attended so far, not only in content but also in presentation.’

‘Thoroughly enjoyable and highly relevant throughout. Very professionally prepared and presented. Thank you.’

‘Really fun, very informative, lots of great ideas.’

‘Excellent course in terms of content, right balance of theory and practical sessions. Rosanne made us feel extremely relaxed and gave feedback to help us learn from the practical sessions.’

1 Introduction and course objectives

2 The appraisal process

  • The aim of the appraisal process
  • Understanding the bigger picture – the appraisal process as part of the employee development process
  • The benefits of the appraisal process
  • Common pitfalls
  • Five steps to an effective performance appraisal

3 Step 1 – Assessment

  • Using job standards as the basis for objective assessment
  • Assessment of previous objectives

4 Step 2 – Preparation

  • Documentation required
  • Data on each appraisee
  • Planning the meeting

5 Step 3 – The meeting

  • The skills of appraisal interviewing
  • The structure of the appraisal interview
  • Dealing with poor performance and difficult situations
  • Taking notes and completing documentation

6 Step 4 – Planning ahead and objective setting

  • Identifying action to improve performance and enhance skills
  • Establishing relevant training needs
  • Agreeing SMART performance objectives
  • Formulating a personal development plan

7 Step 5 – Action after the interview

  • Essential paperwork
  • Follow-up and action required between appraisal interviews
  • Continuing informal dialogue

8 Video case study

  • Bullets

9 Conclusion

  • Course review / discussion
  • Preparation of action plans for building on the skills learnt
  • Close

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