Mental Health First Aid (MHFAider®)

A two- or four-day workshop

Mental Health First Aid (MHFAider®) is an internationally recognised training course that teaches people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis. We don’t teach people to be therapists, but we do teach people how to respond in a crisis, and how to reach out before a crisis happens. The training gives people tools to support themselves and each other, so everyone can talk about mental health and seek help when needed.

This programme will help to:

  • Reduce stigma around mental ill health
  • Give you increased confidence to have a supportive conversation about mental health
  • Promote equity and understanding around mental health from different perspectives
  • Help to build supportive communities and promote open conversations about mental health
  • Encourage self-care, giving you the tools to look after your own and others’ mental health
  • Promotes early intervention and recovery, which can prevent an individual’s mental health deteriorating

Learning objectives

As an MHFAider® you will be able to:

  • Recognise those that may be experiencing poor mental health and provide them with first-level support and early intervention
  • Encourage a person to identify and access sources of professional help and other support
  • Practise active listening and empathy
  • Have a conversation with improved mental health literacy around language and stigma
  • Discuss the role in depth, including boundaries and confidentiality
  • Practise self-care

This course is ideal for those who would like to become an MHFAider® to:

  • Gain the knowledge and skills to spot signs of people experiencing poor mental health
  • Be confident starting a conversation and signpost a person to appropriate support
  • Alongside the best evidence-based Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training, MHFAiders® are also provided with three-year access to ongoing learning and support through the MHFAider Support App®

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for anyone aged 16+ who would like to become an MHFAider® to gain the knowledge and skills to spot signs of people experiencing poor mental health, be confident to start a conversation and signpost a person to appropriate support. No previous knowledge of poor mental health is required.


A very practical, interactive programme for a maximum group size of 16:

  • The course is structured as four sessions for both online and in-person delivery. These can either be delivered over two or four days
  • For online delivery, we recommend that the four sessions are delivered across four days
  • We encourage delivery of all four sessions within a two-week period

MHFAider Support App®

MHFA training doesn’t stop when the course comes to an end. MHFA England offers continuous support for MHFAiders®, well beyond your initial certification, to ensure you can lead impactful MHFA interventions.

As an MHFAider® you will get automatic 24/7 digital support through the MHFAider Support App®. From there, you’ll find exclusive resources, ongoing learning opportunities to grow your confidence, and gain the benefit of joining England’s largest community of trained MHFAiders®.​ This support will give you an opportunity to:

  • Keep your learning alive
  • Quickly reference something
  • Connect you with a group of people improving the mental health of the nation

The app empowers you as an MHFAider® with the following features:

  • Secure conversation logging for you to make reflective notes to record and reflect while protecting confidentiality
  • Reminders for wellbeing check-ins with people you are supporting
  • 24/7 text support service through Shout, for advice and reassurance on a Mental Health First Aid conversation or to support your own wellbeing after a difficult conversation
  • Resource library of toolkits, guidance, animations and core mental health concepts to support you in your role as MHFAider®
  • Signposting database through Hub of Hope to find local and national mental health services for additional support

Expert trainer

An enthusiastic developer of people, Wendy has been working as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor since August 2018. Her interest in mental health started in 2017 when she joined a student accommodation provider as the Learning and Development Advisor (L&D). As she sat within the HR team, she realised that poor mental health impacts the staff and students. She felt passionate for change and doing something about it, she submitted a project scope to the HR director. In 2018 she created an internal mental health forum that met monthly to discuss actions to move the project forward. The proposal included offering mental health training, which would be underpinned by a well-being campaign. Wendy upskilled as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor to deliver the content consistently and efficiently.

Wendy has since set up as an independent trainer to continue upskilling people in mental health.  She has delivered MHFA England training to numerous clients in a diverse range of sectors, such as retail and hospitality, finance, manufacturing, arts & theatre, and public sector. Her clients include Amazon, BMW Group, British Museum and NHS Dental Trust amongst many others.

Wendy’s programme gets results, as the following comments from course participants show:

‘Wendy was very informative. She made sure all participants were involved in the course. She was non-judgmental and very understanding. It was very easy to open up and she created a brilliant atmosphere. I would recommend this course to any person in their private or professional life’

‘The tutor, Wendy, was great and her honest, real world examples were good and she brought a positive energy which helped to motivate the group which I think is hard with mixed engagement and a range of cameras on and off. Overall, it was a really good course – thanks so much to all involved’

‘I was so pleased with how well it went, each day was different and exciting, despite covering a lot of ground for each topic. The trainer was great and offered support and made me feel included in all of the sessions’

1 Introduction to MHFAider® (3 hours 30 mins)

  • MHFA and the MHFAider® role
  • Introduction to the MHFAider® Action Plan ‘ALGEE’
  • What is Mental Health?
  • Helpful and unhelpful language
  • Undersign our Frame of Reference, understanding how we make sense of the world
  • Understanding stress & the Stress Container

2 Understanding Mental Health (4 hours)

  • What influences mental health?
  • The Mental Health Continuum
  • What is anxiety?
  • What is a traumatic event?
  • Active listening and empathy
  • What are eating disorders?
  • What is self-harm?
  • What is substance misuse?
  • MHFA conversation practice

3 MHFAider® in practice (4 hours)

  • Applying ALGEE
  • What is depression?
  • What is suicide?
  • What is psychosis?
  • MHFA conversation practice

4 Next steps (3 hours)

  • Recovery and lived experience
  • Applying ALGEE
  • Boundaries in the MHFAider® role
  • MHFA conversation practice
  • Moving forward in the MHFAider® role and your MHFA action plan
  • Self-care

Any questions? Please just give us a call on 01582 463463 – we’re here to help!