Mental health in the workplace

A bite-sized, half‐day or one-day session

This is a one-day training event to help you:

  • Develop your awareness of mental health issues in the workplace
  • Enable you to act in a timely and constructive way to manage mental health issues that arise in the workplace
  • Enable you to promote and maintain good mental health in your working environment

It covers:

  • Mental health statistical overview; most prevalent mental health problems, contributing factors, effects on productivity and the costs of mental ill-health
  • Signs and symptoms of prevalent mental health conditions; 3 key indicators for all mental health problems
  • Stigma; what it is and how it affects people
  • Mental health legal and statistical overview: facts & figures, most prevalent mental health problems, aspects of the law, policy and procedural issues and guidelines for best practice
  • Pro-active and constructive principles and strategies to manage mental health issues, to support colleagues who may be vulnerable to mental ill-health, and promote mental wellbeing

Learning objectives

This workshop will give you:

  • Awareness of the key indications of mental ill-health
  • Recognition of the prevalence and effects of stigma
  • Knowledge of the wider picture; legal context
  • Greater understanding and confidence to act constructively to support individuals who are vulnerable to mental ill-health
  • The ability to take steps to actively promote mental-well-being in the workplace

Who should attend?

HR teams. Line managers would also benefit.


This workshop can be delivered as a bite-sized, half‐day or one-day session for up to 8 people.

Workshop outline

  • Introduction: The most prevalent mental health problems; impact on productivity and costs
  • Signs and symptoms: A group exercise; recognition of the most prevalent mental health conditions; signs and symptoms, and the 3 indicators of all mental health problems; Definitions of mental health and mental ill-health
  • Stigma: A group exercise; myths and stereotypes: discussion and case studies
  • Legal overview: Aspects of the law relating to mental health in the workplace; The Equality Act (2010) as it relates to mental health; Policy and procedures for best practice in relation to mental health issues
  • Pro-active development and maintenance of mental well-being: group discussions, exercises and case studies: compliance with The Equality Act; compliance with HSE guidelines in relation to the management of stress; inter-personal support and communication; maintaining boundaries and appropriate interactions; a vision and 5-point plan or strategy to develop best practice and promote mental well-being in the workplace

Expert trainer

Adrienne practised for many years as a psychotherapist and psychotherapy supervisor within both private and NHS mental health care services. In particular, she worked with people suffering with severe stress, anxiety and depression, and in 2005 published her first book, Out of the Blue: A Practical Guide to Overcoming and Preventing Depression. In 2006, she established her own consultancy, and since then has worked as a specialist coach, consultant and trainer within both private and public sector organisations including local authorities and NHS Trusts.

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