Sales superheros

A one-day workshop

Are your sales people too stressed, running on adrenalin, perhaps driving towards burnout, struggling to reach targets? Wouldn’t you rather they delivered consistently good performance, sustainable over longer periods of time, with less stress (for both them and you)? This uniquely empowering workshop will help your team develop naturally high levels of focus, energy and motivation. They will attain a sense of grounded euphoria, giving them a very distinct and ethical edge in selling.

A one-day programme, it gives salespeople an introduction to the ‘Natural Superheroes’ concepts and resources, tools and techniques, to help them improve their sales performance – realising greater sales potential, developing deeper and more profitable client relationships, winning more business.

The workshop is proven to:

  • provide a greater understanding of hidden drivers within the participants themselves and their clients
  • enhance sales team and individual performance
  • heighten self-awareness in a sales/sales management role
  • improve sales communication skills
  • help manage conflict with clients and between team members
  • support dealing with the pressures of being in a sales role
  • uncover and address unconscious reasons for sabotaging sales success

Learning objectives

Through this experience, sales teams gain:

  • Information about profiling clients to instantly understand more about their deepest drives and true needs so they can be genuinely met and, where possible, exceeded
  • Insights into deep, honest and very ‘real’ reasons for sales procrastination – participants are given specific workable strategies they can easily apply to overcome sales resistance, by tapping their natural motivational styles
  • An understanding of communicating at the very highest levels with different people so they truly understand your sales message and have a significantly more positive sales experience
  • A realisation of their very specific natural sales talents as individuals and as a team
  • A deeper level of experience and understanding of what specifically drives their own behaviour and the behaviour of their clients – these unique insights explain not only how but exactly why people behave the way they do
  • An experience of what it takes to be unshakeable under pressure and manage the sales processes and relationships to a positive outcome for all
  • Brand-new insights into working with and handling difficult people across all levels of authority
  • An understanding of the pitfalls and the psychological traps we set ourselves which cause unnecessary stress, anxiety and frustration on a daily basis and, in turn, limit our sales performance
  • Access to very simple and practical tools that massively increase self-awareness, engender accountability and responsibility and develop emotional sales mastery

Who should attend?

  • Any sales team wanting to improve sales results, focus, and motivation
  • Any sales team wanting to add an ‘edge’ to their sales skillset
  • Any sales person / manager feeling stressed or wanting to reduce stress within themselves and others in a sales environment
  • Any sales person/manager wanting to understand their often hidden natural sales talents and use them effectively
  • Any sales person / manager wanting to develop their emotional intelligence skills and knowledge in the context of selling


This transformational workshop is available as an in-company event for 6-10 people.

The style is very facilitative and learner-centred, taking into account the needs and preferences of the group on the day whilst at the same time delivering the programme as agreed with the client in order to meet the specified learning objectives.

Special features

A key feature of the programme is that we ask all participants to complete an online profiling questionnaire in advance. The resulting Enneagram profile is a key element of the workshop on the day.

Expert trainer

Anne is Founder and Director of Natural Superheroes™ and the RC60™ Accelerated Coaching System. She has created and delivers unique programmes for realising human potential which explore the ego and the effects it has on people’s self-confidence, performance, results and relationships.

In particular, she enjoys and excels at enjoy working in partnership with companies for the purpose of sales performance, business development and client relationship management. This always has been and always will be a passion of hers. Anne says, ‘I simply love creating genuine business opportunities with new clients and trusted partners – it’s really good fun’.

Having been successful in sales for over 25 years and having worked at very senior levels of Sales Management within corporate organisations, Anne’s depth of experience gives her credibility with the most senior of Sales Directors and their teams. She worked in sales and sales management for Barclays Bank for over ten years before establishing her own management development company almost twenty years ago. She generates her own business, building strong client relationships, by practising what she preaches.

As an independent consultant, her clients have included HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Barclays Africa, WH Smith, The Hurlingham Clinic, Standard Life, Provident, EDS, Kia Motors, Sun Microsystems, Bluewater Shopping Centre, Semb Corp, Lendlease and many, many more.

Her methodologies have been applied to improving sports performance as well as business performance. Anne is now working even more closely with professional sports organisations to share her insights for consistently performing well under pressure.

She delivers one-day workshops to organisations and has a small number of private clients with whom she works closely on a one-to-one basis as part of their high performance team. See what people have said about Anne’s unique workshops:

‘Course was brilliant. The course was pertinent and pitched at exactly the right level. I could put theory into practice immediately.’

‘The whole course has been great. I enjoyed the openness and frankness. I have something tangible to take away. Excellent!’

‘Excellent involvement and interaction. Expected the usual training as before but this course was refreshingly different.’

‘Excellent. Very enjoyable with clear direction. This is one of the most enjoyable courses I have attended.’

1 Introducing ‘Natural Superheroes’ for sales

  • What is a ‘Natural Superhero’?
  • Defining emotional intelligence in the context of sales and why it is so important
  • Knowing yourself – why most people don’t know themselves at all and how we can understand exactly what drives our behaviour for the purpose of improving sales performance specifically
  • Knowing exactly why others, and specifically clients and team members, behave the way they do – understanding the real motives behind people’s good and bad behaviour in a sales meeting
  • Simple steps to freeing yourself of any anxiety, pressure and false sense of limitation when selling
  • Being yourself in sales – why this is not as easy as it sounds but how you can make it effortless
  • How to take control of achieving the sales performance you really need and want for yourself and others
  • Strategies that raise your self-awareness, increase an authentic and sustainable sense of self-confidence, in difficult situations and in moments of crisis

2 Understanding yourself, your team members and your customers – using the Enneagram

  • Introducing the Enneagram and why it is so valuable to sales people and their clients
  • Exploring the 9 types of motivational drives and why people have different reasons for buying from you
  • Core types and wings – understanding the influence of other motivations either side of the core Enneagram type
  • How to confirm the profile of your client – using celebrities from the world of politics, cinema, sports – we explore how to identify each type – what are their core drives, why have they arisen and how can we use these insights to help you in improving your sales performance
  • The 3 levels of behaviour within your personal profile and that of your clients
  • Lookalike Enneagram types – mistaken identities – how to avoid these traps when profiling your clients and your team
  • How to communicate effectively in a sales environment with each of the different Enneagram types – communication strategies for positive impact on morale, performance and, ultimately, sales results
  • How to interpret and make use of the results of your online personal profile – participants complete an online profile before the event and have the opportunity to analyse their results with a view to improving their sales performance
  • How sales teams sabotage their own performance and that of other people within the team – and how to stop it
  • Uncovering your particular edge in a sales role – what unconsciously trips you up as a sales person?
  • How the Enneagram helps us in sustaining a truly great sales performance over time

3 Why positive thinking alone doesn’t work in sales

  • Why ‘PMA’ does not stand for positive mental attitude when selling – learn its alternative meaning that can serve you even more effectively in a sales role
  • 3 steps and exercises that naturally increase PMA
  • The value of making unconscious thinking conscious and how to do this without any pain or discomfort in a sales meeting
  • Why each Enneagram type has a different experience of PMA in terms of their outward behaviour and how to know when you are maximising your sales performance

4 Measuring success

  • How to measure the development of your individual profile as a sales person
  • Development planning and review
  • Into the future – how to continue your Natural Superhero development

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