Sales time management

A one-day workshop

The principles of effective time management are applicable to all aspects of life. When successfully applied in a sales environment they can lead to improved performance, higher sales and increased customer satisfaction. All salespeople would benefit from learning the tools and techniques to introduce impactful time management to their working lives.

We have developed this programme to be practical, fun and interactive. Participants will better understand how to increase the amount of time spent on high-value sales activities, be able to improve their self-motivation and ability to get more done, and be better able to plan, delegate and speed up routine tasks.

Learning objectives

This course will help participants:

  • Learn key principles of managing sales priorities, meeting targets and getting ‘everything’ done!
  • Learn proven techniques for structuring your day, week and normal routine
  • Develop effective sales time management at the office and on the road
  • Learn a seven-step process for setting goals and objectives in your work and personal life
  • Understand how to make time for sales prospecting, designated call days
  • Understand practical ways to improve your time management

Who should attend?

This practical and interactive course is suitable for salespeople of all levels who are looking to develop their skills and gain practical insight into effective time management techniques to maximise their effectiveness.


A practical and engaging one-day session for a maximum group size of 12. There are lots of different activities throughout the day where participants will have the opportunity to put learning into practice.

Special features

The majority of the training we deliver is either tailored or completely bespoke. This workshop can therefore be delivered entirely as advertised, or it can be tailored to your particular requirements, or we can simply take it as a starting point for a conversation with you before we draft a completely bespoke programme for you – the choice is yours.

Expert trainer

Graham specialises in providing high-quality consultancy, coaching and training in sales and business development, sales management, customer service and personal productivity. Over the last twenty years he has personally trained or coached over 30,000 business professionals. He is a member of the International Institute of Coaching and a qualified NLP Master Trainer.

His work has taken him all over the world and involved him in working closely with hundreds of different organisations from all business sectors, his client list including such organisations as BT, Vodafone, AT&T, Orange, Pfizer, GSK, Boots, Unilever, American Express, Thomas Cook, Apple, Sony, Motorola, Cisco, MFI, Barclays Bank, LIFFE, Abbey National, Prison Service, Home Office, Law Society, BBC, Daimler-Chrysler, Citroen, Weetabix, Nikon, Shell and many, many others.

Some of the most popular areas in which he supports his clients are:

  • Better business writing skills, including reports, bid writing, and technical manuals
  • Value-added and consultative selling
  • Presentation skills for managers and professionals
  • Managing challenging client conversations / assertiveness
  • Customer service skills
  • Key account management
  • Commercial negotiation skills and commercial awareness
  • Time management (based on his book, Working Smarter)
  • Sales prospecting and appointment making
  • Management and leadership skills – coaching, team building, leadership style

Graham has written over twenty books, published in several different countries, including Working Smarter, Companies don’t succeed – people do!, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Training Games, 90 Brain-teasers for Trainers, and Telephone Tactics.

Known internationally as both a trainer/coach and a popular motivational speaker, he believes that effective learning has to be interactive and challenging. All his learning events are built around practical exercises, role play and case studies. His training style focuses not on just explaining new ideas or developing new skills, but also on motivating people to use them and to develop themselves as individuals. This approach gets results, as the following comments from programme participants show:

‘Brilliant course, really interesting and very focused to my job role and day to day work.’

‘Took away some very good ideas that I can use every day… good examples too.’

‘Very confident in the subject, and amusing too. Made the course very interesting. A very clear sales model to use going forward.’

1 Key principles of sales time management

  • Course objectives and review of time log
  • Essential principles of sales time management
  • How do you use your time now?
  • Reviewing your working day (from pre-course survey)
  • Beliefs and feelings about time

2 Managing sales priorities and planning systems

  • Managing priorities and planning systems
  • Use organised persistence to plan your sales activity
  • Planning your territory and prospecting activity
  • How to use priority ratings not urgency to react to tasks

3 Dealing with distractions and communication skills

  • Know your time ‘bandits’ and creating more positive habits to overcome them
  • Making time by saying ‘no’ assertively and managing expectations
  • Assertiveness techniques for handling colleagues and clients
  • Making meetings worthwhile – preparation and planning

4 Sales goal setting and action planning

  • Set clear, concise, and motivating sales goals and action plans
  • How to set and use goal setting as way of managing your time and increasing results
  • The principles of linking SMART objectives to action plans and daily activities

5 Creating results focus – every day, week, and month

  • Batch sales tasks together, starting with emails
  • Planning your day and week and protecting sales ‘prime’ time
  • Apply the 80/20 to your sales contacts, clients, and prospects

6 Overcoming procrastination and structuring your day

  • Understanding procrastination, what it is and how to recognise it in yourself and others
  • How to stop procrastinating and start making progressing
  • Build a power prospecting hour into every day
  • Smart stuff to make more sales time: five automated tools
  • Live the $64,000 dollar question

Any questions? Please just give us a call on 01582 463463 – we’re here to help!