Selling through service

A one-day workshop

In today’s fast-moving competitive environment, sales are often made or lost on the strength of a telephone conversation or a brief email. This means that not only is customer service everyone’s responsibility – so is sales. Customer service staff are failing the customer if they don’t think about sales. And sales staff are failing customers if they don’t think about service. And anyone failing a customer is failing both themselves and their employer.

Too often, customer service staff feel neither capable nor empowered to recognise or capitalise upon a sales opportunity. Too often, sales people pursue the short-term opportunity at the expense of the bigger picture.

The good news is – it doesn’t have to be this way! Sales and customer service skills can be acquired, developed and polished just like any other skill. This tried-and-tested programme shows you how to do it.

Learning objectives

As a result of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Take control of a customer conversation, with confidence
  • Refresh and polish their customer service and sales performance
  • Recognise and develop a sales opportunity
  • Engage the customer and build rapport
  • Identify a customer’s needs
  • Match the customer’s needs to the organisation’s products or services
  • Handle objections confidently
  • Ask for the order

At the end of the workshop each participant will have developed their own action plan for developing and using their skills in the workplace.

Who should attend?

Anyone involved with influencing the customer’s buying decisions, eg, customer service staff, in-bound contact centre staff, telesales agents, etc – anyone dealing with customers, in whatever capacity.


An intensive one-day programme. The workshop is very practical, very focused – and very enjoyable.

Special features

The programme can be tailored to any organisation’s specific requirements.

Expert trainer

Colette has over 25 years’ experience and expertise in sales, customer care and presentation skills. With a background in sales and customer service management (as Regional Sales Manager for Royal Mail Parcelforce, Telesales Manager and Sales Manager at Thames Valley Auto Trader and interim Call Centre Manager for Legal & General Direct), she brings real-world examples and skills into the training environment and enables participants to transfer them easily back to the workplace.

Colette has designed and delivered successful training programmes for numerous large and small organisations in both the public and private sectors over the last twenty years. Clients include Virgin Media, Hitachi, Sir Robert McAlpine, Viglen Computers, SuperDry, Gaz de France, Moran Hotels, SWP Recruitment, BAA, Johnson Controls, Netbooster, Aztec AV Hire, Stena, Integralis, Softcat, Warranty Direct, Lloyds of London, American Express, Pulsant, Bytes Technology Group, NHS, the British Medical Association, BT and many more.

Colette’s training programmes are always practical, motivational and relevant to the team and organisation. Colette ensures that the client’s needs are met and that training is aligned with the organisation’s culture, objectives and overall business strategy. Whether the team are selling low cost goods or services or putting together high level presentations to win large contracts, Colette will work with them to create and deliver a valuable training programme that challenges their thinking and achieves results.

Professional accreditations include a Diploma in Training (IPD), a Certificate in Management (Reading University), NLP Practitioner and fully qualified Empathy Trainer.

Colette’s training style focuses not on just explaining new ideas or developing new skills, but also on motivating people to use them and to develop themselves as individuals. This approach gets results, as the following comments from clients and course participants show:

‘Even after only three days’ training and mentoring we had our best sales-month ever and those who were initially reluctant achieved fantastic results, enjoying personal best figures across the team. I would like to thank Colette for a cost-effective, seamless and highly professional programme that engages everybody irrespective of their level of experience or job role.’

‘The training course provided by Colette not only gave the attendees useful practical information but built increasingly positive team spirit during the course. This was particularly rewarding given that the mixture of trainees varied from a person with lots of sales experience to one with no sales experience prior to the current role.’

‘Thank you, the training was ace. Just used the questions you gave us and got an appointment for my Consultant with a long-term, stalled interest! And I also got a frameworking opportunity for us.’

‘I found the training with Colette to be extremely useful, informative and most of all fun! On a personal level, it has made me focus a lot more on my sales skills and realise how even small changes to the minor details can positively impact my performance greatly, the results of which I have seen already. So, thank you Colette.’

1 Introduction

  • Course overview, objectives and introductions

2 Serving or selling?

  • Feelings and attitudes – How we can affect the outcome by our feelings and behaviour
  • What is selling? – Selling is helping people to buy, identifying the opportunities that exist within the conversation to develop the customer’s   interest in our products or services

3 Developing the right skills

  • Communication– The impact of body language, voice tone and words– How to make the best impression on the customer and create a ‘buying environment’
  • Rapport-building– What makes a good working relationship?– What do customers look for when they call us?– How can we match their expectations in terms of our own interpersonal skills?
  • Relating to different types of people by identifying and matching their communication style on the telephone

4 Making it easy for the customer

  • Starting it right– Opening the conversation positively– Building rapport– How to develop interest in our products or services
  • Gaining and clarifying information– Questioning skills and questioning style– What do we need to know from the customer?– How can we use that information in the conversation?
  • Active listening– The most under-rated skill of all– Picking up on the ‘Golden Moments’ when a customer shows they may be interested
  • Presenting information confidently– Knowing the benefits of our products or services– How to tell the customer what they need to know in order to enable them to buy
  • Closing on a positive note– When and how to ask for commitment
  • Dealing with the customer’s objections and concerns in a positive manner

5 Course summary and action plans

  • Review of main learning points
  • Presentation of personal action plans

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